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Focus Magazine Publisher Opens New Consulting Busines



In February 2003, after a friend’s flight to New York was canceled due to a blizzard, David Spivak was given free tickets to attend the AIPAD (Association of International Photography Art Dealers) art fair. When Spivak entered the show, he was overwhelmed by thousands of photographs large and small, contemporary and vintage, and was welcomed to a world of new possibilities.

Exhilarated by his newfound passion for fine art photography, Spivak rushed to the newsstands to find and subscribe to a magazine that gave him the latest news, trends, and information on fine art photography. Unfortunately, he could not find one, much to his bewilderment. One year later, Spivak launched Focus Magazine at the AIPAD Photography Show in 2004. For the next six years, Spivak spent the day, noon, and night perfecting every issue to make them ready for publication. During the process, Spivak discovered many photographers, all in need of guidance on their respective photography businesses. Some photographers were mainly wedding or commercial photographers and wanted to enhance their fine art photography businesses, others wanted to scale their existing photography businesses.

In 2010, Focus was the first publication to go completely digital which opened the gates for more than half a decade and dozens of photographers to have their own digital magazines as well.

In 2018, Spivak launched a new print magazine called Photoprenuer. This magazine focused entirely on the business of photography.

In 2019, Spivak had planned on a new title specifically focusing on the wedding photography industry called Wedding Shots which was set to launch earlier this Spivak. Unfortunately, due to COVID, this title has been suspended.

PUBLISHER’S ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to COVID-19, many photographers’ businesses have been hit hard. I am now offering business consultation for small fees for any photographer, gallery, or art business that needs help in these trying times. Please contact me,

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