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In 2003, during one of the worst blizzards to hit NYC, a friend of the publisher, David Spivak, called him to offer him his tickets to the AIPAD Photography Show because he was unable to make it to New York City due to the blizzard. Launched in 1980, the AIPAD Photography is an art fair in New York City that exhibits hundreds of photographers from all over the world. Mr. Spivak, an avid connoisseur of the arts, graciously accepted. The rest, as they say, is history.
Focus Magazine is the world’s premier journal for collectors of photography. No other publication offers more content, more interviews, more in-depth information and more galleries announcing their latest exhibitions. Subscribe to Focus, 6 issues per year. No other publication offers as much in the way of news, trends and information on collecting photography as Focus does. Since our first issue, we’ve published retrospectives of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Margaret Bourke-White and Irving Penn plus we’ve interviewed Arnold Newman, Michael Kenna, Ralph Gibson, Keith Carter, Shelby Lee Adams, Ruth Bernhard, John Szarkowski, Gillian Laub, Jock Sturges, Jerry Uelsmann, Lisa Holden, Arthur Tress, Bruce Davidson, Joel Meyerowitz, Jill Greenberg, Steve McCurry, Lillian Bassman, Martin Schoeller, Abelardo Morell, Mary-Ellen Mark, Shirin Neshat and Roman Loranc. Our interviews go in-depth, they take a look at the soul inside of the human being who also happens to be a photographer and we take that and put it into words in an interview for you to read every issue. To publish your work in Focus Magazine, please contact us: Focus Fine Art LLC, David S. Spivak, [email protected].